Let’s work together!  I would be honored to assist you in exploring your unique astrology chart and how it relates to your life’s journey. In these specialized sessions we’ll focus on key areas of your life, by utilizing current and upcoming events. You”ll understand how planetary cycles relate to your goals, and be able to plan ahead with the knowledge you gain. Appointments are on Zoom.

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Session offerings

birth Chart

This session is for clients that are new to astrology. It includes an overview of your Birth Chart and  your archetypes. An insightful look into cycles of change. You’ll understand more about your year ahead and timing to make the most of opportunities.


Next Level Class Thurs June 7 - July 7

We meet Thursdays on Zoom for this six week advanced class. Explore planetary aspects, progressions and more. Learn how to integrate degrees, eclipses and phases of the Moon. You’ll deepen your practice with these advanced techniques. 


Children's Astrology 1 hr.

Your child’s astrology chart is a fun way to gain insight.  We explore cycles of growth, and their unique style of learning.  Grow their sense of wonder by encouraging your child’s strengths, and supporting their individuality.  (Birth to 12 years)


Transits & Progressions

This session is for returning clients. We view current transits and progressions. You’ll discover timing to enhance transitions, and how yearly cycles support your long-range goals. You’ll also gain insight to save you time and money.


Learn Astrology

June 5 – July 5, 2022

Tuesdays 6:00- 8:00 PM – PT This six week course meets each week on Zoom. Explore  your birthchart, and the charts of people closest to you. Build a solid foundation of how astrology works to support your evolutionary purpose.

Recommended “The Inner Sky” by Steven Forrest


Business Session 1 hr.

The business session utilizes your company chart to plan the year ahead.  You’ll learn how to  use specific time frames to grow your business.

We’ll explore the best dates for promotions and events. This tool supports you in managing and sustaining a thriving business.  


Couples Session

Gain better insight into your relationship, or your partnership. Sessions are focus on one partner at a time, and then a combined chart of the relationship. Three separate sessions.

Insights for every partnership, whether  romantic and plutonic.



Location astrology to determine the best energetic location for love  and career.  

This session explores the  planetary influences of the places you’re considering for a move or work opportunity.

$95 Hr.