July 27th Lunar Eclipse 2018 – Get Uncomfortable

Just one day before the July 27th Eclipse there is a Mercury retrograde that lingers through August 18th. I get images of and ostrich. A reminder […]

July 2018 Solar Eclipse

July 12th marks the New Moon, Solar Eclipse. So, what does that mean exactly? Well, as you can imagine it’s different for everyone. Depending on where […]

Full Moon June 27th and Mars Retrograde

Mars its turning retrograde July, 26th. Every two years this power house planet of ambition takes a time-out for about two months. That means it has […]

New Moon and Mars Retrograde 2018

The New Moon, June 13th, lands on the Sabian Symbol degree 23-Gemini, “Three fledglings in a nest, high up in a tree.” Birds are often symbolic […]

Full Moon May 29th 2018

  The Full Moon occurs May 29th. Building is a theme that blends with the Moon’s Sabian Symbol degree of 9-Sagittarius, “A mother leads her small […]

New Moon May 15th 2018

The New Moon on May 15th carries a subliminal message as it occupies the Sabian Symbol 25-Taurus, “A Large Well Kept Public Park”. Our earthy resources […]

Full Moon – April 2018

As the Sun moves through earthy Taurus, our thoughts turn to longer days and warm weather. Taurus, like the turtle, has a slower pace. With expansive […]

April’s New Moon 2018

The recent Mercury retrograde was about becoming more assertive. It felt like diving with the brakes on… the feeling of pushing ahead, while further research and […]

Full Moon – March 31st 2018

As we jump, or should I say bungee into April, we have a lot happening. Mercury’s retrograde in idealistic Aries pushes us to redefine what we […]
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