December Forecast 2021

Visionary Neptune turns direct December 1st. Its retrograde over the last six months has fine tuned our inner senses. Refining the inner voice is typically accomplished with introspection and meditation. With Neptune turning direct our newly developed vison will soon be put to the test. Part of reaching a goal is seeing it as if it’s already part of our reality. Play with this new skill of seeing things as you wish, instead of dwelling on the past.

The Solar Eclipse on December 4th is on the Sabian Symbol, 12 Sagittarius. New beginnings are possible and benefits continue to appear. Sagittarius is known for telling it like it is and embracing a pioneering spirit.  Find your courage to step into unfamiliar territory and dream big. 

The eclipse energy continues to unfold though the end of January and holds the promise of peak experiences. The combination of Neptune direct and the Solar Eclipse open avenues of insight and bring clarity to long standing issues.

Relational Venus joins powerful Pluto on the 11th and again on the 25th. Transformative connections can be made during these timeframes. Our values are undergoing extreme scrutiny from the 19th through the end of January as Venus retrogrades in Capricorn. We’re asked to create new traditions and let go of connections that rob us of joy and esteem. Its time to upgrade your goals. And, much like a child that has outgrown a toy, we have outgrown some attitude and some relationships that are now like a shoe that’s grown too tight. What will you try on next? Because it’s time to discover what we’ll create to move us forward.  Just reflect. The biggest caution now is over-valuing something and paying more than that something is worth. Buyer’s remorse. Just don’t get bullied into a big purchase. Venus is about trust… trust that sale bin is not going anywhere!

Just after Christmas synchronistic Mercury joins dreamy Neptune and you’re off on a short jaunt. A road trip to be just the ticket to shake off the cobwebs. Reconnect to friends, family and traditions. Then on the 30th you’ll have more than your fair share of new ideas to carry you into the New Year.

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