Monthly Forecast March 2016

The first days of March are marked by the Sun’s passage over the dreamy planet Neptune, in Pisces. This contact enhances our intuitive nature. The communication […]

Monthly Forecast February 2016

February calls our attention to the Sun moving through Aquarius. We’re reminded to stay true to our individuality and unique talents. We excel in our own […]

Monthly Forecast January 2016

Welcome to 2016. If you haven’t made your New Year resolutions you’ll have plenty of time to revisit them when the planet of information, Mercury, goes […]

Monthly Forecast November 2015

We start November with a boost to our intuitive nature. There is a grand-trine with the Scorpio Sun, Moon in Cancer and visionary Neptune in Pisces. […]

Monthly Forecast October 2015

I’m guessing the reflective energy of this informative Mercury retrograde has felt a bit overwhelming at times. Since Sept. 27th the review of relationships and communications […]

Monthly Forecast September 2015

The Sun is now streaming through the sign of Virgo. Happy Birthday to the wonderful people that are celebrating. Without them, we wouldn’t have the craftsman […]

Monthly Forecast August 2015

This month is cause for a bit of celebration in the business sector. The planet that rules the bones of those businesses (Saturn) turns direct August […]

Venus Retrograde July 25th – September 6th 2015

What exactly does Venus Retrograde mean? Sounds a bit exotic right? Venus, the goddess of love is looking back. Let’s get in present time. This is […]

July Forecast 2015

We embrace the first week of July with hope and optimism. Expansive Jupiter and creative Venus are together in fun loving Leo. Whether you choose to […]
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