Mercury Retrograde November 2018

November 16th, we begin a three-week exploration. Mercury retrograde in adventurous Sagittarius is concerned with learning. It’s not a basic knowing we seek. Think deeper – […]

November’s New Moon 2018

The Sabian Symbol for November’s New Moon is 16 Scorpio, “A girls face breaking into a smile” Breakthroughs are possible and there is support from visionary […]

Full Moon Forecast October 2018

The Sabian Symbol for the October 24th Full Moon is 2-Taurus, “An electric storm illuminates the heavens and forests”. What is being illuminated in your life? […]

October’s Libra New Moon 2018

The October New Moon falls in the Sabian Symbol 16 Libra, “After storms, a boat landing in need of construction.” The symbolism speaks to emotional repair […]

The October 2018 Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde Oct 5 - November 16

September’s Aries Full Moon 2018

The Aries Full Moon, September 24th, ushers in a strong sense of possibility. I’m talking about the expectation that comes from embracing ideas. The wild card, […]

Saturn Direct and the August New Moon 2018

September 7th the planet of discipline, Saturn, goes direct. It’s   4½ month retrograde was an opportunity to restructure and build a foundation of support around a […]

Full Moon – August 2018

The August 11th Eclipse is in effect until January 2019. Gasp! It carries seeds of possibility. Should you decide to plant them, their sprouts grow in […]

New Moon Solar Eclipse August 2018

The August 11th Solar Eclipse carries the energy of “separations or the ending of a union – the results are quite positive.” Bernadette Brady states once […]
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