Monthly Forecast September 2014

September is ushered in with Mercury, the planet of communication, moving into the relationship house of Libra. Expect lots of invitations and gatherings this fall as […]

Monthly Forecast August 2014

With the Sun in Leo, this month’s energies encourage us to step into our creativity. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine as the relationship planet, […]

Monthly Forecast July 2014

July is a month of regaining momentum, as the planet Mercury is now moving direct. The Sun in Cancer brings up concern and connection with family […]

Monthly Forecast April 2014

The Mars retrograde continues to inspire us to put our best foot forward. We’re in competition with ourselves to turn dreams into reality. As the Sun […]

Month Forcast March 2014

This March, the planet Mars turns retrograde in Libra. This energy is about being in competition with ourselves. Motivation and enthusiasm kick us into gear. The […]

Monthly Forecast February 2014

This month is challenging us to revisit and review. The planet Mercury turns retrograde and moves back into the sign of Aquarius. The archetype of the […]

Monthly Forecast January 2014

The New Year kicks off with a change in your career goals, Aries. Partnerships challenge you to define your values around home and family. Unexpected connections […]

Monthly Forecast December 2013

Reminiscing is fine when you’re focused on the positive, Aries. Pull from your past experiences and move forward with confidence. Your efforts will be put to […]

Monthly Forecast November 2013

It could feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back this month, Aries. Revisions to your schedule are almost routine. Transformation is […]
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